Gotta love Carole AM


12 Years
Dec 14, 2007
NE Indiana
So I went to see Carole today to pick up a dozen eggs. Come to find out; she only lives about an hour away. How convienet. Her birds are so beautiful. And what a variety. Instead of coming home w/ a dzn; I now have 30 colorful chicken eggs and 6 speckeld turkey eggs in the bator. It was like going to the feed store for one thing and coming home w/ a few dzn chicks. And she still had more. If you are thinking about getting some special barnyard mixes drop her a line. You'll end up w/ one of a kind birds for sure. Thanks again Carole

Carole AM

13 Years
Jan 12, 2007
Goshen, Indiana
AWWWW Krista, that was so nice. Thanks for the compliments.
It was great meeting you & Max--I bet he was wore out. Such a little cutie.

I sure hope all those eggs hatch, especially since you drove over HERE! I wanted to make it worth your time! keep me posted!

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