grabbing by the tail


11 Years
Oct 24, 2011
On the windy MA/NH border
Hey all,
I've been chickens keeping a long time, and never grabbed a chicken by the tail. But, I have these two crazy hamburgs that want to roost ON TOP OF THE COOP. I don't want any chickens out all lnight, I've got predators.

I have a little ladder, but even when I'm on it, I can just barely, maybe, get a hold of a tail.

I tried that a few times, and it really wasn't that productive so I've dropped the idea, and actually I've sort of given up. They haven't been eaten yet. I'm hoping the colder weather will get them to seek out the sanctity of the coop. Hopefully.

But now, the chicken that I grabbed the tail feather of, well, it looks as though they have fallen out.

And she seems a bit off.

Have I harmed her? If so, does she need first aid? It is a few days since the event.
How old are they? At this time of year, any chicken over a year old will be moulting or getting ready to start, so if she is of that age, it may be that they were already getting loose and your tail pulling just brought things forward.
If mine do that and I can't reach them, I knock them off with a rake or pole.
I once had a guinea that was pretty wild. He got a rope or twine caught around his leg, and we were trying to catch him to remove it. As he ducked under a fence, I grabbed his tail, and all the feathers came out in my hand. Maybe it's an escape mechanism, like lizards who lose their tails when grabbed. We never saw him again. ) :

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