Gracie has a Problem


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7 Years
May 29, 2012
It has been about 4 weeks since my little chicks hatched! 4 attempted to hatch, and they all made it. :) Although, one of them has a crooked beak, and another one has a respiratory problem. I'm pretty sure the two problemed ones are females, and the other two really healthy looking ones are roosters. Which is interesting that I had two roosters out of the 8 eggs I incubated!
Anyways, Penny, the chick with the crooked beak is doing fine. She's got all of the energy in the world, and I think that is because I feed her more often than the others with a syringe. Gracie, on the other hand has a respiratory problem. It all started with an eye infection. I gave her some Terramycin to clear up the eye, and it works very well. Her eye looks normal! Next to the eye trouble, she had some heavy panting and it looked like she was gasping for air. I got some VRex to mild her breathing and kept giving her the Terramycin. The panting has gone away, so I think she's getting better!
Although, I'm confused about this one thing her body does. It looks like she's breathing through her butt. :p She has had this since the panting. Should I be really worried, or is this her body just fighting whatever she has? Also, is there anything else I can do for her to help her body kick this sickness?

Peace and Thanks!

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