Grafting not going well! Help!!


Dec 6, 2017
help!! I just got my 6 one day old hatchlings in the mail and am trying to graft them to a broody Easter egger hen. I put them with her and she keeps pecking them! I put them under her and she gets up and shoos them away. I’ve never done this before and am not sure what to expect but I read lots of commentary and articles before I tried it. When should I give up? They’ve been in there about an hour. I don’t want her to hurt them! Any suggestions or advice is appreciated. Thanks!!
Ok I will try again tonight! I wanted to be able to monitor more closely.... i know most do it at night but I read several posters that have done in the day. I took 5 of them out and back into their box with a heat lamp as they were in the corner alone. The 6th one was under her and she has kept it with her for several hours! Will put the other under tonight. Thanks for all the suggestions!
Already things are better. Thank you, byc community for support. So stressful when little creatures lives are in my hands!!! But I slowly reintroduced them one by one and at nightfall put the last three under her and she was cooing contentedly an hour later with no signs of rejection. Whew. Hope this lasts!!

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