Granny's gone and done it again


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Lynda, I cleaned it myself every day til the day it "ran away from home".
You sure it was a guinea pig?
Maybe there was something wrong with it. That's why the lady gave it to the sweet little boy!

WTF ????????????????

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Your thermometer froze!


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They do care about grades though and not sure about how they would handle American homeschooled....also out of country tuition is more expensive than Canadian residents pay. (Though still may be cheaper than us universities)
All true. DD1 finished High school when she was 18 in 2011 with pass fail classes because her 24x7 migraine kept her from attending school. Finally got some meds that reduced the intensity of the migraines. Fall of 2017 she took 1 class at the Community College. Winter 2018 she took 2, Fall 2018 she took 4. August 2018 we looked at St. Mary's in Halifax Nova Scotia and Mount Allison in Sackville, New Brunswick. She loved Mt. A and applied there. Don't know what her HS transcript looked like to Mt. A but she's a worker, her number grades through 11th were very good and her Community College GPA was 4.0. She wrote a letter with her Mt. A application telling of her extra curricular activities (ice skating) and her struggle with migraines. They accepted her.

International tuition is $18K Canadian a year (Canadian residents are $8.7K). Room and board another $10K. Add another $3K for other fees, health insurance - Approximately $31K Canadian per year which is under $24K US. If she went to UVM as an in state student it would cost $32K.

Mount Allison has been recognized by Maclean's as the top primarily undergraduate university in Canada 21 times in the past 29 years. University of Vermont's ranking in the 2020 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities, #121.

UVM cares more about research than education. The mother of a friend of DD1's was teaching there as an Associate Professor, she has a PhD. She was told point blank that teaching doesn't count toward tenure, only research does. Doesn't matter that she had won national education awards. Funny how fast she got tenure when she snagged a $1M research grant that she could take anywhere. Most of the undergrad courses are taught by adjunct professors ... often the same ones that teach at the community college for a WHOLE lot less tuition cost. Frankly if I'm paying for my kid to get educated, I would like it to be at a school that prioritizes education.

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