Granny's gone and done it again


May 17, 2020
Red Level, AL
so many boosters! Should get the third round in two weeks. I told her look. He’s probably safe to do this stuff. Call your vet. Even the techs should be able to answer this. Ask questions.
Heck, even they could do some danged research on the intardwebs and learn something for themselves! Crap, that would involve some common sense now wouldn't it?


May 17, 2020
Red Level, AL
:weeI'm eggstatic! I was out in the kitchen heating up some leftovers for lunch and heard a bunch of squawking going on. So I stepped out onto the back stoop to be treated to my first ever hen concert... All three of the new gals were out on the outer roost just a clucking and honking up a storm! It's the first time I've heard a peep out of them since bringing them home on Friday.. We are making progress!

Is this a sign they are content?


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May 3, 2015
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Just dropping a quick note because we are family. Dad texted yesterday morning that he was taking mom to the ER. Her bp was 88/59 and her sugar was 411. She was treated for UTI with bags of antibiotics, magnesium, potassium, and something else. Then transferred by ambulance to a bigger hospital 45 minutes away. I called last night but she didn’t know who I was.

Dad was in his truck to follow her to the hospital and it quit on him, so he had to get it towed and then get a ride. He’s on his way back now to check on her. Apparently the ER doc said she was right on the edge of septicemia.

She is 61 and diabetic and has some mild form of dementia.
I am so sorry, prayers for your family.


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Feb 1, 2010
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Today I looked at the 4 bantam cochin cockerels and they didn't look happy. So I put them on the ground to forage. Same with the 3 Cream Legbar boys. All of the cochins disappeared, and all 3 of the Legbars are hanging around outside the coop they were raised in. But there's lots of stuff out there to hide under and it has been raining. They might even be in the barn. Time will tell.

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Sep 26, 2013
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Cap ,Star upgraded her tank and posted pictures of her pleco stuck in the saloon.
You were right about the nerve damage. She asked me to call pain clinic and see if they will up my nerotin . She upped my abilify and said the powder wasnt hurting anything and helping yeast so dont worry about it.

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