Granny's gone and done it again


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My son broke my heart today and I didnt know what to say to him. As soon as he woke up he came to me and said he didnt go to sleep til 4 am and why do these things keep happening to him? I said what things hun? He said he keeps getting things wrong with him one at a time. Last night he could sleep then he had bursitis, and he started naming off all his different ailments. He had Rabdomylitis seemingly out of the blue. crohns, diabetes autism ect....
There are endless diseases that a person can be born with or develop over time. It seems some of us have more health problems than others. Sometimes it's choices we make, and sometimes it's genetic or unlucky. But it seems there is always someone with more problems! Think of people that are born in 3rd world countries that don't have enough to eat or access to medical care and medicines! Heck, there are people in the US with those issues. But he can walk and talk, and has use of his limbs. Some folks are bedridden. When I was in the ER for my first miscarriage, I was so very upset. We wanted a child. But the man in the bed next to mine was moaning and groaning all night. Idk what was wrong with him, but I sort of thought perhaps appendicitis. It was awful hearing him suffer. And I realized that although I was unhappy about my condition, at least I was going to live. Other folks might not.
Did you hear the statistic that 50 people a day are dying from Covid in the US? When will people learn to wear masks , wash their hands and keep their distance? We need to do the best we can to avoid problems.


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I get scared because I have a thought, like I need to feed the rabbits tonight. And 15 minutes later I might not remember what I was trying to that night.
Then I have whatever you have cause I do the same thing. Today I went out into the shop to get a roll of paper towels and stood in the middle of the room trying to remember what I went out there for!

I keep thinking of these jokes like the one about the woman with middle aged adult attention deficit syndrome. She goes onto the porch to water her plants and forgets her watering can. Goes to the closet to get the can and finds empty coat hangers. Gathers them up, takes them to the utility room where she sees that the lint trap on the drier is full so she dumps that. Goes to dump the lint and sees that the trash needs to be taken out. Takes the trash out, notices that there are weeds in the cracks in the driveway so she gets a knife and cuts them out. Puts the knife in the sink and decides she may as well wash up the dishes. So as she fills the sink with water she remembers she was supposed to water the plants....only three hours have passed since she went out on the porch and forgot her watering can.

God. I. Am. That. Woman.:gig

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