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    I went into the local "herb" shop (funny how those places never have any actual herbs) to buy grapefruit seed extract. The woman handed me grape seed extract instead and I was too busy running my gob to notice. I tried to take it back, but she said she can't resell something that has left the store, even with the seal on. Boy was I p.o.ed. So now I'm out $16 and I have no idea what to do with this stuff. They gave me the snakeoil handout that explains all the things this miracle elixir can do. They could've at least had the decency to lie well. The things they claim it's good for are spread across the gamut of human ailments. Anyway, is there anything chicken-y this stuff can be used for? Maybe a vitamin booster or something to make their feathers shiny? I haven't opened it, so I don't know if it smells strongly enough to drive off bugs.
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    I wouldn't feed it to them. There was a pretty lively discussion, a while back, about whether grapes (fed as treats) impacts laying. Apparently the Romans fed their chooks grape marc (skins/seeds/etc.) to their chooks but only after egg laying had slowed down (winter feed) because the concentrate slowed down laying. Google: Columella. There's probably some recent research if you care to drill.

    Whole grapes never slowed our layers down, but I'd be pretty ifffy feeding them anything from the `herb' store (I'm just particular about the listing of ALL ingredients) except for the Barg's ACV we buy at ours.
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    I would not give it to the girls but it is a carrier oil.

    You can use it to dilute essential oils that are too strong straight for the skin. It is used in lotions, soaps, bath products and so forth. Great for massage oils too. So, with some EOs you can get great use for 16.00. [​IMG]

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