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    I wrote this recipe while courting my (now) wife. I was living in the San Francisco area and coming to Jersey/NYC to visit once a month. I would bake for about a week before each trip, I'd wisely left clothes in Jersey and carried mostly food in my suitcase - Security would have freaked if they had ever searched my suitcase (you gotta know me, LOL).


    If you haven't made the bialys recipe do try it.

    I took them to Jersey last week to share with my girl and man they were flat amazing. I had a number of NYC examples while in town and frankly mine kicked theirs down the street... But I digress...

    Each day after I took my girl into NYC to work I'd hit some of the local delis, eaterys and most especially the markets in Grand Central Station. A real foodie paradise... All in search of great things to pack lunches to eat with her on her break. We had some awesome picnics !!

    Got some great whipped cream cheese and some gravlox one day to go with the last of Mikey's Bialys... She loves smoked salmon but quickly learned that Gravlox is the Rolls Royce of cured salmons... This is dead easy to make. Just follow the recipe exactly !!

    Mis en place

    2 1 1/2 lb. salmon filets, skin on
    1 cup salt
    1 cup sugar
    2 bunches fresh dill
    4 oz. Grand Mariner

    2 large zipper storages bags


    Wash and pat dry salmon filets on both sides. Mix salt and sugar well. Coat each salmon filet with 1/4 the salt/sugar mixture, save other half for another day (see later). Drizzle 1 to 2 0z. Grand Mariner on each filet. Now take one bunch fresh dill and chop fine. Cover generously on one filet only. Place the flesh side of each filet together and place in one large zipper storage bag, remove air from bag and place bag in a pyrex baking dish. Lay another baking dish on top and weight down with some heavy cans so the upper pan presses evenly over the filets. Refrigerate. After 12 hours remove upper pan and flip over filets. Recover with pan and weights. Repeat process for two days.

    Now remove salmon from bag and gently wipe each filet clean. Recoat each filet with the remaining salt/sugar mixture, Grand Mariner and the 2nd bunch of dill (chopped fine). Place in a fresh zipper storage bag and repeat regrigeation and flipping every 12 hours for another two days.

    At the end of the 4th day remove filets from bag, wipe very clean and recover with fresh chopped dill. Slice very thin on the bias and serve with toasted bialys and cream cheese, or lovely seeded crackers and a spread of cream cheese and a little horseradish. Beverage of choice would be your favorite champagne...

    Considering what markets charge for Gravlox this will really wow you and your friends...

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    I love Gravlox, thanks for of my favs. [​IMG]
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    I'm drooling!!! [​IMG]

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