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My 13 year old son has been dealing with acne for the past 2 years. We tried every over the counter treatment possible. Some worked for a while then made things worse.
Finally gave up and took him to the dermatologist. He did different prescribed treatment for a year. Once again they would work for a bit then things would get worse.
I was at my wits end when he came in to see one day at work. The nurse I work with saw his face. The next day she told me what she did for her sons skin(learned 30 years earlier from 95 year old woman)!!!!
1. Wash face w/mild soap(use neutrogena pump on my son) 2. Use vinegar as astringent 3. Put real mayonnaise on like mask leave on 30 minutes to an hour. 4. Wash off w/mild soap. I thought she was crazy
but I was to the point anything was worth a try. It worked!!!!!!!!!!!
Took about two weeks using every night. Now we plan to use it once a week for preventive measures.
However I need advise on how to get rid of the red scarring that is left if anyone has any advise I would love to hear it. P.S. My sons acne was one of the worst cases I have ever seen. Dermatologist diagnosed my son with three kinds of acne.
Another great thing that works is Glycolic acid. I use 30% strength. You can order it on ebay, thats where I got mine. It gets rid of acne, and helps to get rid of acne scars. It doesnt really hurt when you put it on, it just makes you want to itch. It isnt like the kind of peel that you get at the derm. where you whole skin peels off. There is no peeling. I use it once a week, put it on for 5 min. You can start at 1 min and up it a min. each time. You should try that also. It also keeps your skin nice and smooth. Im glad that your sons acne is clearing up.

This will help your scarring. I had a scar on my arm where I cut it with wire, I applied it and let it sit for 5 min, then I rinsed it with cold water and applied moisturiser, and now the scar is gone. It is cheap also. Around $13.00 total w/ shipping for 1 bottle.
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That is great news and information! My husband had horrible acne as a teenager and had to undergo lots of painful treatments. They worked but it was a horrible experience. I have two teenagers and any preventative advice is always appreciated. Thanks for sharing.

Do you use white or cider vinegar, or does it matter?

I don't have any information about the scars. My husband's never really cleared up on his body, but his face they did. Maybe just time, which I know teenagers do not like to hear. There might be some sort of cream available but I would test it first or ask since you wouldn't want to aggravate the skin anymore.
Keeping his face clear of acne break outs and time will heal the scarring. Give him a couple months and the marks on the skin will begin to fade.
My daughter had acne and her dermatologist put her on 250mg of Tetracyclin which worked well for her? He also recommended using Neutrogena acne bar soap. For very bad acne they recommend Accutane.
I love hearing first-hand accounts of natural remedies.

We use white vinegar instead of deodorant. Can't remember where I heard about it, but supposedly the old-timers figured out that bacteria couldn't live in such an acidic environment and that's what they used to use.
Vitamin E should help scarring taken internally I'm sure the oil would help taken topically but with his condition I would not suggest it, make sure he stays away from soda's and drinks lots of water.
My daughter had bad acne. They tried minocycline for her, and she had a terrible reaction to it. It almost killed her by wiping out almost every white blood cell she had. After she recovered from that, she tried accutane. It helped a lot, but it still comes back.
Tried the Tetracyclin didn't work for my son. Glad to hear it worked for your daughter. However for the Accutane to be honest it scared me. My son is very accident prone has already had three concusions. When I was given the iPledge book to read about Accutane it mentioned brain swelling and to watch getting hit in the head. Went ahead and signed the papers then the more I thought about it I chickened out of putting him on Accutane. Would of had to put son in a giant bubble.

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