Great Pyrenees?'s

Can't give owner feedback but our neighbor's "had" one (he's gone to his reward). Couldn't turn your back on the fellow. He was known for biting people in the behind.

I have a male. He's 8 years old.
I have only had him for about 6 weeks now.

Great dog'! He watches over the chickens and such.
Very friendly. As long as he has the time to meet you. Does not like a stranger to just walk up. He is protective of my husband and I.

Love him!!!! His name is Ringo.

Are you wanting one?
I've wanted one for a long time....

I heard've that they are great flock protection.

I have a great dane now that seems to do the job for most predators.
I have one. I use to breed them. They are excellent herding and livestock dogs. It is best to get them as a pup and raise them within the herd. Ours were mainly pets but even though they weren't raised to "protect" our flock, she still does it. It is in their nature to protect most any living creature that they are use to being around. They are very territorial! I've always said its best to have 2 of them, one to watch the front of the property and one for the back. Because that is usually their M. O. regardless. They split up at night and make their rounds and then hunker down and keep watch. Some say raising them with goats they are best left with minimal human contact. That way they feel they are goats, you know what I mean? As far as chickens go... my babes could cuddle up to them and sleep without any fear at all. However, they do eat ALOT. Be prepared for high dog food bills.
We also have a Newfie, they are great protectors too!
i had a 9 year old female. Never bit anyone. but would act like she would..if someone came to the house she ran to their car door and barked until we came out.. they weren't allowed out. a dog or stranger come over and tried to mess with the chickens-Dog.. pinned until we let it run away. if it kept trying to get the chickens.. she would forcfully make it leave. stranger. jump and bark. maybe growl some. but never have contact. hawks or any other birds in the air. jump. bark. and chase until they flew out of sight. haven't had predators around in years... and is a good family dog. all the ones i've met have been like this.. of course. they were our friends dogs. (the parents.) and our other friend. which also got a few puppies from him.. out of all 9. great dogs.

Thanks for the fast replies, I'm going to look at a 18 week old male, good bloodlines and raised in a house and with goats, calves and kids so far.
I've done a lot of research, it's just good to hear from people not breeders trying to build up the breed.
Being good with kids and a LGD and not friendly to strangers 2 and 4 legs, is important.
I don't mind a high feed bill for a working dog especially when it should offset the 3 dollar a pop 10Ga. shells,lol
I know you like the exotics, but come on man break down and buy yourself a 12-gauge at least for the cheap shells! It will cost you less than the dog.

Actually, I say get the dog and a new gun
, but then I love dogs...more than guns.
Actually I have many shotguns,,, .410, 28, 16, and 12Ga.

I just like the 10, with OO it is a cloud of death at 75 yards no pest has escaped from.

The idea of the "gentle giant" barking pooch when I'm not home and GF and kids are, is something I need, especially if they can be trained to watch my flock.

The breed seems to be allmost perfect for us.
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