Green and Yellow colored Infected thigh/leg from leg band injury

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    I have a RIR breeding rooster that has an injury to his leg and thigh due to the leg band. I just noticed the injury today and removed the leg band. I have over 100 birds that are free ranged and noticed the rooster, Bob, was "skipping" (limping) as the kids put it. Upon further examination, the leg band had slipped up into the thigh area and must have been there several days. It cut into the skin and cut off circluation somewhat to the lower leg. I cleaned the wound where it dug into the leg and that is looking ok now but above the banded area the skin is green and yellow in color. The circulation to the area was definitly affected. The leg is "hot" to the touch and swollen. I rubbed the leg to get circulation going again but Bob is still limping. The heat in the leg and swelling is probably infection. He is still eating, keeping the flock in line, and running all over the farm like normal but otherwise is not showing any other symptoms than limping.

    My questions are will this heal up by it self? Should I soak in water? Can you give a rooster penicillin injections? If so what is the dosage and what size needle and where would you give it in the body? Any other advice would be greater appreciated. I would like to save him since he is my largest rooster for breeding. Thanks for any help!
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    Definitely sounds infected. I can't help you with penicillin dosage, but I bet a search of the forum would get that for you. I wouldn't soak the leg. I would, however, use hydrogen peroxide to full strength on the wound and apply triple antibiotic ointment. Keep a close eye on that and if you notice a foul smell it mean's gangrene has set in. If that happens, I would do the humane thing and cull the rooster.
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    Hi, I saw your post, which is a year old, but wanted to ask if you found the solution. I have had the same thing happen with one of my roosters (I'm never using leg bands again!). His leg is swollen and hot and he is limping. I don't have a vet in this area that will offer any advice with birds. Anyone with experience in this, I would really appreciate hearing from you!. I have several roosters, but don't want to cull him unless I really have to. It was my fault he ended up like this, and he's always been a nice, calm guy.
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    This link might help:
    Post #2
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    Thanks for the link. It was helpful.

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