GreenEgger- Leaking Water from Throat


Apr 10, 2020
Dundee, Illinois USA
HELP PLEASE. I have a green egger who seems to be leaking what she drinks out her throat? I have her isolated. End of day 1 I am giving her whole Greek yogurt. She likes it!! 1 full day on only garlic water.

Please help . She’s a fighter.


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if you cover her head she will relax after a bit. Also hanging her upside down, but I'm not sure if that is advisable given the circumstances.
Pics in good lighting and without cage bars would help. Check her crop really well by pushing feathers back. Check her throat really good as well. Look for punctures. You're way bigger than her - If she fights you, tell her to deal with it. It's for her own good. Do you have a helper?

Do not ever hang a chicken upside down. Just pin her wings to her back and get a firm grip on her body. You're not going to hurt her by holding her.

Give her just plain water. She doesn't need to be seasoned. I would also stop the yogurt. Try a moist mash instead. Maybe some plain scrambled egg.

For videos, you'll have to upload to a third party platform such as YouTube or Vimeo. Then copy and paste the link here.

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