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    Hey there everyone, I'm Rosy. My boyfriend Casey and I have been referencing this website for eons to get reliable info on all things chicken, and finally decided to come out of lurking. I kept chickens for a while, I'll add a few pics just to show my ladies off before posting this. But unfortunately the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood got her panties in a bunch because her feral animals jumped my fence and chased my girls around the block... I trapped and had them removed by animal control, and she in return had the city come tell me I couldn't keep them. Although they didn't make an audible noise that could be heard above the ambient chatter of the native wildlife in the area, and had never jumped the fence before her cats tried to eat them. Arg... Well, I may still be a little sore about that. I raised them from chicks and they were just as much pets as the were egg producers for the family.

    We're an animal loving bunch lol. Our two boys 12 and 5 have been instilled with a love for all things carbon based. We have our resident old man, Charge, he's a dogo argentino who still thinks himself a pup at 12 years old. 3 rescue cats, Carlin, Lincoln, and Eva Von Kittler, and we're playing with the idea of getting another sugar glider, but it's still in the infancy stages of consideration.

    We've been gathering info and the needed equipment to try our hand at hatching recently. We really want pet geese. The follow us around, diaper wearing, waddle down to the park after us, sleep on our laps pet geese. At the moment, we're testing the incubator and making sure we know how to get the temp and humidity just right before the eggs arrive. We're mortified of course, but hopeful we can make a little magic and maybe get at least 2 of the eggs to come to fruition. We're looking forward to sharing and learning more and more as we get to know new friends and their loveys!



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    Hi and :welcome

    What lovely chickens - it's a shame about what happened with the cat lady. Our neighbour has two yowling cats that prowl around our garden quite regularly, but they are quite intimidated by our chickens, which is weird :p Hopefully things will go well with your geese - good luck with your hatch. And it sounds like you have some great pets already!

    Enjoy the site :D
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    Hello :frow Welcome To BYC and Happy Holidays!
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    Do you mean you aren't allowed to have chickens but, can have ducks?
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    Hello and [​IMG] Always a treat to have another onboard [​IMG]

    gander007 [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] to BYC!

    Very pretty flock! Enjoy BYC!
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    Hi, Rosie, welcome to BYC.
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