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Aug 25, 2010

Grey Jungle Fowl hen (mother) and two chicks. Price reduced for quick sell. Weather is changing and it will be too cold to ship soon. So I'm reducing the price.

The hen is three years old and has been a prolific layer. The chicks are 8 weeks old and they are a group. This is the last of my flock.

I need room for a workshop and so my chicken ranching days are over. These have been some beautiful birds, if you have jungle fowl you know the high spirit that they have and how nice looking they are. If you are new to them it is quit an adventure. Pictures of my birds can be seen on my page here, or at least the hen is there. If you would like I can send picture of the chicks as well. I will ship out on the first week in November after that I'll have to winterize and sell them next spring... AT FAST.
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Sale pending. If you would like to be on a backup list please let me know.

Hi Gino I didn't see this post. Do you still have them? If so do also have a cock bird? I am interested in them. We wouldn't have any shipping. Martin
no I don't have them any more I have some wild fowl that still carry some sonneratti in them they are nice looking fowl. I also keep a few black fowl.

I dont know if your still member of this place.
Where I can find a pair of sonnerat?

I'm serious. I cant find them in Canada.

Hoping you get your message.


I'm looking for grey jungle fowl.
Did you find some?
if yes, do you sell paires?


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