Grill Gazebo to Chicken Cabana conversion suggestions


10 Years
Jul 7, 2010
Memphis, TN
I bought two of these on clearance last fall:

I'd like to turn them into for my bantams and one for a pair or two of pigeons and a few quail.

I'm thinking about building low hutch-type coops to attach to the outside for nesting and winter, but am stumbling on how best to attach a door to these for access once I get the wire up...ideas?


8 Years
Mar 19, 2011
A house surrounded by chickens
Mm. I'm no trained craftsman, but it looks as if you just need a stable enough framework to hang a door from, and you'll be good. If you plan to build a door out of wood and wire, you'll probably need a wood framework to hang the door from. I might be tempted to build a rectangle out of treated wood, and then bolt the whole shebang to it, providing a base. From that base you could then run a sketchy wood frame up on the long sides (might not need much of a frame on the short sides) and some kind of horizontal top beam on the side you want to put the door on. Then you'd have something you could staple the wire to, plus the framework for your door. You'd also want to make sure to put in some triangular cross-bracing on the walls to keep the thing from shimmying around. Or, you could make the whole thing much more stable and cut down on drafts by putting plywood across the entire back wall, or three of the four walls. But make the front wire so you have good ventilation.

Again, I'm no carpenter, but that's how I'd go about it. Good luck!

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