Grooming Chickens please help!!!

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    I have just had 9 silkie hens and roos ( some adults some chicks) dumped on me without notice! Don't get me wrong I am so excited!!! But the condition they are in isn't exactly silkie beautiful if you know what I mean I was just wondering how in the world do I groom these chickens??? Can someone please help me???
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    Quote:Congrats on getting dumped on.
    You don't say why they aren't silkie beautiful, you can bathe them. I'll try to attach a link. If the feathers are just messed up, you might have to wait till the next molt, for them to regrow new feathers. You can trim wayward feathers.

    Good luck,
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    You should give them a bath! They will love it, and will be silkie beautiful after they are fully dried. (Actually, they will look their best a few days afterward, once their feathers have regained their lost oils.)

    Here are two internet sites that really helped me get started: Clinic/Bathing and Grooming your Chicken.pdf

    Good luck! And be careful to hold their heads out of the water, since the warmth often makes them relax and fall asleep while bathing. Oh, and keep them indoors and away from draft until they are fully dry. You can even use a blow-dryer on them, if you have one.
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