Gross Duck Egg


Mar 10, 2018
Maynard, MA
I went to cook myself up a duck egg this morning. Right on top of the basket of our most recent duck eggs was an egg quite obviously larger than the rest. I decided to give it a try, and as I cracked it in to a bowl, my entire appetite flew out the window.

I immediately knew something was wrong for two reasons. First, the normally clear part of the egg came out a brownish color. And then, an absolutely horrible stench followed. Then out drops the yolk, which was lumpy and not liquid at all, accompanied by a bunch of pinkish/red chunks.

Is one of my ducks dying? Do I need to go break the news to them?

But seriously, does anyone know what might've caused this, or what even IS this?

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Sell them as diet eggs. It’s all about marketing.