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    Groundhogs are not predators but their holes provide a refuge for predators to hide out. If I find any hole close to my buildings I dump dog crap in the hole. It's not a fool proof solution but it works most of the time. It has the added benifit of giving me a way to dispose of dog waste. I have close to thirty dogs so that is a big plus. You would be surprised how much dog waste can go down a groundhog hole. If the chucks stay in the woods away from buildings and hillsides I give them a free pass but if their digging can cause problems I deal with them.
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    Good information to have. Thanks for posting it.
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    May 8, 2007
    We have one really stinky cat. [​IMG]

    My husband poured the cat's contributions down a groundhog hole next to one of our buildings and that worked, too. When he doesn't cover things in the litter box, I know I feel like leaving, too, so I can understand why it worked. Finally, a use for toxic waste!

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