Grrrrr! What do I wrong?


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Jun 18, 2007
Yesterday was my second attempt at hatching eggs. Both times have been bantam eggs. The first time I had four eggs hatch, and two pipped and were working on their way out but didn't make it out. The humidity was aroung 67% and the temp. - 101. none of my other eggs developed I opened them all up and they looked like yellow mush, and a couple looked like they were rotten. There were about 25 eggs in the that hatch. This time I had 11 eggs, and only two of them hatched out. The humidity was between 68-72%but mostly at 71%, and temp. around 99 degrees for the last three days. The temp was almost always 101 and a humidity of btween 45-49. There were two other eggs in this hatch that were pipped and didn't get out of the shell. I looked in the shells and only two were partially developed. The others were just yellow mush. I have a still air hova-bator and I use an automatic egg-turner. My question is if anyone can figure out what I am doing wrong.


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Jan 14, 2007
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I am not sure ya did anything wrong if you got one to hatch - were these shipped eggs ?

The only thing I'd suggest to increase is try lowering the humidity "Mush: sounds wet like they drown before they could develop -
People sometimes expect every hatch to be 100% and that is not as common as it appears ...especailly if these were shipped eggs


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Jul 18, 2007
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that yellow mush sounds like a scrambled egg from shipping to me but if these r ur own eggs the hens or something is shakeing them or rolling them to much.

rotten is either bacteria in egg or baby started to grow and died pretty early and got bacteria or possible bacteria from the bator. what is ur temp and humidity for the first 18 days of incubation or did i miss that? humidity should be alot lower like 35-40(if i remember right), temp same as below i wrote and stop turning day 18. once first baby out or first real good pip usually day 21 or 22 i pulled one plug at a time to balance it. if more humidity is needed i add wet pieces of sponge and take them out to lower it if to high. what day were they on when u opened them?

u said what ur last 3 days was but if it was off on the 18 days it could throw whole hatch off. last 3 days should be temp-99.5-101 no more than 103. humidity should be 70-75% but ask different people u'll get a different answer,lol.

if humidity is too high u'd see them drowned in water. sticky hatched babies is a sign of low humidity or a yellow sticky glop around baby is low also.

i'm thinking humidity to much during first 18 days not high enough the last 3 days to help them get out. i don't think temps did it as u seam to have that regulated. r u doing speratic hatches? do u leave them in the turner to hatch? r they on side or pointed end down? is it possible ur hygrometer is off?

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One of the biggest issues with a still air incubators can be with "hot" and "cold" pockets happening through out your bator. You may want to place different thermometers through out your bator to get a feel for where the hot and cold spots are as you are depending on the ventilation holes to circulate your air. You may really want to consider adding a fan to your bator, it really can help your hatch rate and help you keep a nice even temp.

For still air, you are looking at an optimal temp of 101 at the top of your eggs as heat rises. If you are able to place a couple of water wigglers in your bator, you can use them with human digital thermometer to gauge internal temps on your eggs.


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Jan 11, 2007
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Are you sure those eggs that were just yellow mush were fertile. Was there any sign of development at all. Veins ? Did you candle early on? You should be able to tell if there is development at 8 to 10 days. Like mentioned if they were shipped eggs they may have just been scrambled prior to setting.

It is a good idea to find some eggs locally and try to incubate them. It is a good way to fine tune your incubator and familiarize yourself with the process before trying shipped eggs.

Sorry about your trouble, I think many of us have been there. I solved the problem with a new incubator but there is no reason that you should not get better results with you bator. Try to make sure your thermometer/ hygrometer is working properly. That is the cause of many bad hatches.


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May 7, 2007
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The humidity was too high.

In a still air incubator the temps should be 101 - 102 at the top of the eggs. The 1 oe 2 degree difference really does have a big impact on developing chicks.

Where are you measureing the temps? Flat on the bator floor?

I am seeing in your documented temps and humidity inconsistantcy and flunctuation. High humidity will cause full formed chicks to die when they pip. They drown when they pip the inner air cell. Also high humidity in the beginning causes the embryo to die and then you have those eggs that look like rotten eggs.

Are you using a LG still air incubator?

If so you want to measure your temps at the top of the eggs and try to maintain a constant temp of 101 - 102.

Day 1 - 18 your humidity should be 30 - 55%. I try to keep mine at 45%.

On day 18 when you stop turning your eggs then you up the humidity to 65 - 70% for those last 3 days.

If you will list the model of your incubator we can better steer you in the right direction with your settings and get your hatch rate up so you can be more successful with your eggs.


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Jun 25, 2007
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I'm so sorry about your hatches. I never had great luck with my still air. It had to much temperature variation from spot to spot in the bator. Some eggs were to hot, some to cold. I hope you figure out what is going wrong.

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