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May 29, 2009
Stanardsville, Va
Since it was nice out yesterday, I spent a good while outside watching my birds(something I've really missed-I gotta have my chicken t.v). While I was out there I noticed we had at least 3 Coopers hawks casing our coop. Well, one of them decided to land in a small dogwood that is right beside the coop. I then witnessed our 2 Black Spanish turkey hens go to the tree, puff themselves up, and then they proceeded to jump at the tree. The hawk just sat there and looked at them like "haha, you can't reach me". So what do the turkeys do? They fly right up on the same branch as the hawk and chase his rotten butt away. I even got a few feathers as souviners. Our turkeys have been living with our chickens since they were about 8 weeks old. And they are VERY protective of them (dogs, cats, strangers, and apparently hawks) it doesn't matter. No one messes with their chickens. So, I guess my question is, has anyone else ever witnessed this type of behavior from their turks????

Not to the point of throwing their wt. around, but our turkey hens have always been the first to ID and alert to aerial predators (sends the chooks to cover). They will also mix it up with snakes of any length, and are very persistent about it.
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