Guinea eggs- day 5


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Apr 22, 2008
I have six guinea eggs and nine chicken eggs in my incubator and today is day five. I candled all the guinea eggs and a few of the chicken eggs. All the chicken eggs I looked at look good. Veining showed on all the ones I candled. Those are collected daily and I know they are fertile so no surprises there.

The guinea eggs, on the other hand, were found in a shallow nest in one of our pastures. Our guineas are fully free-ranged and roost in a tree at night. They don't lay in our nest boxes and these were the first ones we have found (though my kids stumbled across another five today that are going to be fed to the dogs), so I have no idea how long they were sitting in the grass. I figured I would put them in the 'bator just to see if they will hatch. I did crack one to check if it was fertile and it was. None of the ones in the incubator show any veining yet. How long should I leave them in before giving up and tossing them?
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Candle them at 12-14 days, you should be able to tell by then, if not try again a few days should know which ones are going and which are not by then.
Thanks! I went ahead and candled today (day 8), and I think five of the six guinea eggs are developing! I'm still not 100% sure, but it's looking hopeful right now.
I REALLY wish I still had an incubator. My guineas hide their eggs everywhere but where I want them to, then as soon as they hatch and start wandering around they disappear one by one...stupid hawks and owls get them...I have tried to catch them, but then they get in little spaces my body won't own fault for letting them just wander my property I anywho, their egg shells are thicker which is why it usually takes a little longer to find them in there...I hope you get a good hatch!
Mine wander everywhere too. No idea how long they have been laying or where to look for them. I found one today laying in the middle of a brick path up to a side door of our house.

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