Guinea gender identification

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    I have heard many things on how to determine the sex of guineas. How do I visually tell which is the male, and which is the female? What is the crown on the top of their heads? Is this of importance when sexing these birds?
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    What age are you trying to sex?? If adults----if its got a noticeably taller "horn" you can be assured its a male as well as its wattles(google pics) and the sound the males make compared to the hen. The hen will make a sound like "buck-wheat" Males make a single repeating sound like "eat. eat, eat said real fast.
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    Unless very experienced and very observant, the only positive way to tell the sex is if it lays eggs, it is a hen. The second most positive means is that hens "buck-wheat", a two syllable call that males are not supposed to be able to make. I have never heard a male "buck-wheat" but there have been posters in the past that made the claim that their male would make the "buck-wheat" call.

    There is no positive method of just looking at a guinea and being able to tell its sex.

    Normally, but not always, the wattles of a male will be larger and cupped while those of a female will be smaller, flat and tight against he head.

    Normally, but not always, the casque (helmet) of the male will be taller and bigger.

    Often males will look at you sideways as they sidle around you while hens will look at you straight on.

    Others have observed differences in the males and females and how they carry themselves (posture). A very observant person can often make educated guesses about the sex of guineas with a high degree of accuracy but these observations are rarely based on just a single thing and take many years of observation to develop.

    Good luck.
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    lovely infor!!

    do roosters cluck?
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    I have only raised powder blue's and Pearl and have always been able to identify the sexes when they are getting close to adults by just looking. Beginners Luck I guess.

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