Guinea Hen- Help needed please, see attached picture


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Apr 30, 2013
Would anyone happen to know what this might be? My husband found our guinea hen this morning. Something appears to be protuding from the lower stomach/body area. We do not know if she got caught on something which tore her open or if this is some type of growth.

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Wow that does look pretty nasty. I have never seen that ever on my guineas. It looks like a possible wound that festered for a while and became absessed. Is that area soft and squishy or like a solid mass? Can you see any leaky puss from anywhere around the wound or white spot on the wound that may be softer to the touch resembling a huge zit?

Gee I have so many questions... If you can catch the guinea again or I imagine you have it isolated anyways. I am thinking that if the wound is softish I would use warm water or a warm facecloth and hold it to the wound for a while to see if it softens up. A good soaking. I would also add epson salts and hydrogen peroxide to the water that he or she is bathed in.

After bathing the wound gently press around the wound as if you were trying to squeeze a zit , massaging all directions to see if there may be leakage of puss or liquid. If so and there is leakage I would wash with warm water daily and continue massaging the area every day and try to squeeze out the remaining fluid or puss as long as blood is not drawn. Then finish up with antibiotic cream.

If it is a solid mass and does feel hard to the touch even after a warm bath in the salts and peroxide then I almost think it can and may be a tumor. Wow, I am scratching my head here. If it comes down to it you may have to lance the wound with a needle or seringe and see if you can squeeze anything out, gently as well.

Best of luck. A vet may be necessary if all the above doesn't work for you. That could cost but there may be antibiotics the vet could recommend. Steve

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