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Nov 10, 2018
New York
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My Coop
Hi guys,
So I am fairly new to BYC, I currently have 3 chickens and 2 Guinea Hens all about 6 months old. It has been a busy time with the holiday week so I have not been paying as much attention to my "back yard" as much as I usually do. Anyway, on Saturday I noticed one of my Guineas sitting in the grass by him/herself. It seemed a little odd, but I was joking maybe it's a "she" and laying an egg. Anyway I was gone till late that night and not even sure if she made it back to the coop. I was out all day Sunday , but my son called late Sunday and said he found him/her sitting outside by itself on the other end of property. Guinea was carried to the run. I got home and saw the Guinea laying in run as a neighborhood cat just walked around it. I put my Guinea in the coop for the night. She could not put weight on the right leg and would fall forward easy. The next morning when all the other hens left the guinea tried to go down the ramp, I went out and helped down. He/ she actually looked a little better and tried to walk around a little and eat in the yard. I came back tonight and it was pouring and all the hens went in the coop except the guinea. I picked her/ him up soaked and put in the coop. Leg seemed worse because she could not put much weight on as in morning. I was considering some kinda of a sling and put in a container, but I really don't think the guinea will stay put. Even picking up is very difficult (fights to get away) wont sit still. More wild than the hens. I tried to look for difference in the two guineas because we thought maybe frost bite from cold temps last week around 10 degrees. The Guinea hens have black legs and this one does too, but has yellow mark half way up both legs. I was researching and worried about that Mareks disease, but the eyes look ok.. not sure. Hard to get a guinea to sit still to check the legs or foot for a thorn or something. If leg injured or broke do they heal? how long?. I guess I have to make sure what is actually going on.
If you can catch her and hold her down, I suggest bathing her legs in Epsom salts for ten minutes to see if that helps. Also, do her leg scales look different from those of your other guineafowl?
I don't think bumblefoot can heal by itself. I know nothing about actual broken bones.
Thank you, So I had a few minutes free in the morning and I tried to do what you mentioned. Filled a plastic bowl with warm water and Epsom salt and had some gauze with honey I read in article. I tried to grab the Guinea which is not easy even when limping. Unfortunately when I did grab her tight up to my coat she had poop all over her back from the other birds pooping on her all night. My jacket got messed up... not good. Anyway I tried to dip the foot in the water and it lasted about a second as it was kicked away and spilled. i then got some honey wiped on, but hard to even get a look at it because he was squirming around. I was amazed that he got out of coop on own and is trying to stay with the others pecking around. Still has a limp, but getting around more than before. But now the foot will be sticky with honey. I could not get a chance to wrap. Not easy, especially when in rush. I will check back later.
Hi, sorry for the long delay. It is a busy time of year. Anyway, thanks for all your concerns. This Guinea seems to be doing very well. Seems to be back to normal chasing the others . I have always noticed both Guineas walk funny compared to the chickens. They have always walked a little funny, but are quick when they have to be. Thanks for your posts, and the miracle of honey. Funny cause they say if you get stung by a bee, put honey on the wound.

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