Guinea names!


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Apr 18, 2009
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I know many people probably don't name their guineas, but we have name for all of ours. I'm interested in knowing if you have named them what they are.

Our 1st group of guineas were named African names meaning beautiful/pretty.
Mwenda - male
Remba - female
Halili - (beloved one)
Zera - female

Our 2nd group were name because we were told 1 could be chocolate (didn't turn out that way)
Hershey - male
Kiss - female
Bliss - female

Last group
Chaos - male - this was a lone keet that hatched and was so upset we got another keet (causing chaos)
Banshee - female (white)
Mayhem - female
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Very few of mine have names...but then, I can't tell many of them apart! lol
King Julian....the alpha cock
Tom..named after my FIL (they're both PITAs! but no, I didn't name him...DH's Uncle did!
Snow White

about a dozen more adults without names and 25 more keets without. (although I have been calling the guinea setting in the woods some choice names lately
Here's mine:

I think guineas - with their waddles - have the Tom Selleck mustache going on.... so....

Male - Quigley
Male - Cooper
Female - Crazy Cora

I have two more... but they haven't buck wheated or chi chi'd so not sure if they are male or female yet.

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