Guinea seeking


6 Years
Aug 18, 2013
Yeah, I'm still looking for some Guineas, close to home, if I can. I know someone that has some but haven't had the opportunity to find out if they would part with some of their Guineas. I like to get some noise going, in the yard, the kind of noise that sounds good and productive and that would yield some more security which I am sure they would. I'm looking forward to this venture because it is new ground as they say around here, farm land that has never been farmed. Anyway, hope this finds everyone in Backyard Chickens in good shape, Thanks.

W. Porter
I live in Elgin, South Carolina. So, how much do you ask for Guineas, let's say, if you were to buy 6 at the time? I am trying
to get some idea of what it would cost to get started with Guineas. Thanks for any information on that.
look in advertising page on this site, I know there are some close to you.!/debby.agnew

Debby is 96 miles from you.
I usuall sell them for 5.00 each newly hatched. 1.00 a week after that they go up untill they are adults. then 20.00 for hens, 15 for males. Better to get them young so they will know where home is, re-homing is hard on them if they have free ranged.
Try craigslist, it is getting late in the season now but someone may have some left. Do learn from other's mistakes by reading guinea fowl 101 before you get into it. The hard way is so discouraging.
I am looking for some royal purple and powder blue to add to my flock. All the hatcheries are sold out. I live in East Texas. will buy day olds or hatching eggs. Unfortunately I don't have any grays ready to sell yet :/ sorry :(

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