Guineas and wildflower garden, is it possible?

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by Gingerlilypad, Feb 23, 2012.

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    Jun 20, 2011
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    My flock of very noisy guineas (ten of them) have free run of my eight acres of woods and yard. I love their noise and how they follow me around talking to me whenever I am outside. Due to a disability, I use an electric scooter wheelchair, so they seem to come running from everywhere when I go into the yard. 
    Last year, they did leave my vegetable garden alone, except to eat bugs, but then I would feed them before planting. I also only feed in one specific area, near my chicken pen.

    This year, I want to seed an area of my neck of woods with wildflowers and bird seed. I tried it last fall, to get a head start for spring flowers,  but my babies thought I was just throwing out some special treat for them. I tried chasing them away, putting up shiny flapping flags, and a fake hawk decoy, but nothing seemed to stop them from gobbling up the seeds. (I tried to explain they should go find some ticks to munch on, but they didn't listen at all.)

    So does anyone have any suggestions on how I can have my guineas and my wild garden? 
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    You'll probably need to build a temporary wire cage of some kind until the plants are growing and well established (not just a fence, or wire laid down over the patch after you've seeded it, or they will then just eat the emerging seedlings). That will help prevent them eating the seeds and the young growing plants. Also if you can put some old mirrors in a couple places and provide them an extra dusty/sand dust bathing area completely away from your new wild flower patch, that may offer enough distraction to keep them away from the patch as well. Another option are a couple motion activated sprinklers that will hose the birds when any of them get near the patch... they are a kind of expensive, but they do work well for keeping birds (plus cats, dogs, rabbits, deer etc away from certain areas. I have a few colorful garden pinwheels, that are used to deter wild birds, but I have to change them out often and move them around to new places to keep the birds leery of them.

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