Gurgled breathing in a meat bird.

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    First time posting!

    We have 50 Rock Cornish X, 6 days till processing. We've culled two so far to CHF (we believe-labored breathing, purplish/blueish skin, combs); they were culled approximately two weeks ago. Today, one hen, has labored breathing, with a 'gurgling' sound. Have never heard that before. Still eating, drinking. 8 weeks old on Friday. No runny 'nose' or eyes...yet?

    They are being raised in a chicken tractor and have been on the field for almost 5 weeks now. We live in Southern Vermont and these chickens have survived Hurrican Irene and a very very rainy autumn. Extraordinary efforts were done to keep them dry....hay beds changed in the tractor every day, tarps to keep the rain out (removed when sunny or not raining!).

    I guess my question is, can someone give me an idea what this chicken has? Is it pneumonia, bronchitis? If it survives till Saturday, is it edible?

    Thank you to all!
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    Mar 29, 2011
    Bump - have same question - watching for your answer.
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    I am not sure what your bird has ... could be some kind of heart failure where the lungs are filling up with fluid.... but I have not dealt with this before... I would NOT eat it until you are sure that it is not some kind of illness that could affect the people eating the meat! That is just too risky to my way of thinking. Hopefully someone comes along who has dealt with these birds more than I have. This is part of the reason why I hope I never have to raise these cornish crosses, they are just so prone to all kinds of ailments because of the genetics and extreme growth! I hope you get this figured out and hopefully you can get the rest of the birds processed before they too succumb to other ailments. Good luck! And welcome to BYC!!! [​IMG]

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