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We went to h&r block yesterday to get our taxes done and we were told the money would be on the card yesterday now they tell us they dont do instant refunds anymore and we have to wait 7 to 14 days to get our money. Now we are out of fuel oil and have no heat my quail chicks all died last night and we have to run an elec heater in the basement to keep the water lines from freezing and its only 38* in the rest of the house. We could have gone to jackson hewitt and got the money to get heat on the spot. we have used H&R block for 16 years and did not think they would lie to us but they did.we will never use them again.
Is your cook stove electric?

Is there any way to use blankets to block off a small corner of a room and warm that space a little with sterno? Or borrow an electric space heater from friends or family to warm just that little area? Or stay at somebody's house temp?

Could it be possible to get one of those payday or title loans then pay it off when the refund arrives? I've never done that and wouldn't usually even consider it, but I probably would in an real emergency like having no heat source.

I'm sure you've already thought of everything possible. I wish I could help.
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I can't offer any solutions that haven't already been offered, but I can offer you my prayers, thoughts, and a
Even their website states "instant" is available via advance credit or instant loan:

I had my refund, refund anticipation check or loan proceeds loaded to an H&R Block Emerald Card. How long does it take for funds to appear on my card?
Your card is initially funded based on the selection you made at the tax office. Find the selection you made in the chart below to determine the amount of time it will typically take for the funds to be loaded onto your H&R Block Emerald Card.
Source of Funds

Amount of Time

H&R Block Emerald Advance Line of Credit

1 hour
Instant Refund Anticipation Loan

By the time you leave the tax office
Refund Anticipation Check

8-15 days
IRS Direct Deposit

8-15 days

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