*Hack!* Ok How BAD is DE inhaled?

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    [​IMG] Alriiiggghty then - I got my DE and was doing the coop and run while the girls were out free ranging - had it in a flour mill type of thing (read on here thats the best thing to use to evenly distribute it) - and dont you know a HUGE freaking gust of wind came up and it blew right back INTO my eyes and face....

    Uhm... am I going to die now? [​IMG] [​IMG] Adverse reaction at the very minimum?

    [​IMG] someone...dont laugh (ok..you can ..but..only a little and only without telling me you're doing so)
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    Here is a wet towel and a glass of water to rinse the crud out of your mouth. And those are tears for you not tears of laughter! [​IMG] [​IMG] OK, I lied [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] But here is a towel and a glass of water!

    Been there and done that! It is GROSS! Kind of a violated feeling! [​IMG] You know God is laughing....he does have a sense of humor you know!
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    You're not going to die. Well ok, *someday* you're going to die but not today unless you walk in front of a bus or something [​IMG]

    However it is really not good for you and DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE [​IMG]

    This was food grade, right, not pool filter or garden or pesticide type DE? Inhaling the food grade DE is, as I understand it, pretty comparable to any other kind of plain ol' dust. Not good for you, can cause problems if done chronically, can cause asthma attacks in the susceptible and possibly bronchitis/pneumonia if you had it lurkin' on the brink, but generally just an unpleasant experience rather than a health emergency.

    But quit doin' it, k? [​IMG]

  4. HennysMom

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    Pat..you are not helping by posting all of that LMAO!! [​IMG]

    Terrific... *is my throat swelling, do I feel flush now?* [​IMG]

    Yes...mask mask mask - I'm thinking my lead paint respirator next time! LOL OSHA here I come - DE you dont stand a chance!

    JMajors - methinks God sometimes has it in for me just to see me squirm [​IMG] and yes - it was very violating - if you could have seen me at that moment - you would have thought someone dropped some very nasty things upon my person - I sort of froze *laughing hard now!*


    ETA: Yes (thank GAWD!) it was food grade - I checked and rechecked..and triple checked [​IMG] (before, during and after!) BIG letters - CODEX HA HA!
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  5. patandchickens

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    Apr 20, 2007
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    LOL, did not mean to give you a 'fear asthma attack' <g>

    Honestly, when I spread DE around I just pour it from a cup held close to the ground. Back and forth back and forth back and forth. It doesn't get 100% homogeneously distributed initially, but I am pretty confident that chickens movin' around and so forth will distribute it eventually, and you get FAR less dust kicked up than trying to "dust" it inot the coop.


  6. ChickaD

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    Yeah, Pat's method is what I do too, only with a large yogurt container (large coop); when we're dusting our chickens or pets with DE, we wear masks since it flies all over.
  7. HennysMom

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    ok -so its better to cup than sprinkle - got it and noted for future reference.

    I've been looking on how to dust them down with it on the forums and I cant find how much to use - is it just until they're coated? (good lord - now it sounds like I'm going to cook them!) [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] please dont let me laugh....please dont let me laugh...... [​IMG] Jeesh, THAT didnt work.!! OK I can honestly say...been there, done that! It is " unpleasant" to say the very least. I have COPD, and it didnt " trigger" anything. True...I couldn't get the " salty" taste out of my mouth...and it REALLY made my coffee taste blah.... [​IMG] Something to remember.....close the door! [​IMG] I too use the cup low to the ground method.
  9. Enchanted Sunrise Farms

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    Apr 26, 2007
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    i hope you're not going to keel over from it, because if you are, then so am i. Had to dust down my girls yesterday due to a lice infestation. When they saw me coming at them with a mask and gloves they freaked. So i had to ditch the hazmat gear and just try not to inhale too heavily as i dusted each girl.

    i'm still alive . . . so far.



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    Or at the least get positioned that the wind HELPS you not hurts you!

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