Had our first loss this evening :*(


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Apr 8, 2011
My children (3 and 5) are absolutely devastated as are we. One of our duckies was missing all day and it was unlike her as she's always by her sisters side. As I was sitting upstairs working on some things I thankfully had the window open to hear the commotion outside. When we arrived we found a HUGE fox in the pen with our girls. We don't promote animal violence but in a moment of rage hubby whacked him a few times with a mag light so we hope he got the picture. Luckily it did not seem like any were injured but we will know better I guess in the morning. They are now deadbolted inside the chicken coop and there is no possible way for a predator to get in. We've had most of them now for over 2 years and never once a problem till last night. Our remaining ducky is so depressed and missing her sister does anyone know a good place to get a duck in the Allentown, Pennsylvania area?
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Sorry for your loss. How awful to see that. I wish I lived closer, I would give you a duck
So sorry for your loss. I loss two chickens and a guinea this year to a fox.
But you better make plans for that fox. IT WILL BE BACK. Either keep everyone locked up or get rid of the fox.
I can give you some hatching eggs for Pekins, but you would have to pick them up. I am in Southwestern, PA. near West Virginia border.
So sorry to hear you lost a duck. I'm not close enough to help with finding a new one, but I'll keep my fingers crossed that a special duck finds her way to you. Give the kids a hug from a BYC friend who's lost a favorite bird and knows that it hurts.
Thank you for the offer its a bit far though but if it comes down to being desperate and we can't find any we will let you know!

Thanks everyone for all the support. She was injured but it doesn't seem to be too bad. Walking with a slight limp this morning and noticed some blood on her belly feathers but haven't actually found any punctures. She's very depressed and doesn't have much of an appetite I hope she pulls through this.

R.I.P. Ducky
Just drop me an email if you want to pick up some eggs. You should be able to find some through mail order and they will ship to your house. Might have to buy a half dozen or so. Also, check your local feed store, they may know someone who has ducks in your area. Our feed store always has notes on the bulletin board with people selling all kinds of animals and fowl. Good luck. Hope you find some soon!

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