Had to take one of the chicks to see a vet

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10 Years
Sep 9, 2009
Lake Butler (Union County)
A friend of mine is a vet so I asked her to take a look at one of my chicks, for some reason she can't really walk. Her legs are curled up really bad that a bootie will not stay in place to help straighten them up. She gets around but she cannot stand up, kinda like crowling on her "knees"

Vet said there is nothing they can do about the legs, they are not supportive and never will be so we got 2 choices: Put her down or Make her into a "House Chick"

We don't have the heart to put her down. She is the sweetest thing and VERY attracted to her. So, now we have a chick that will remain inside the house more then the others. She preferes to be around PEOPLE then her siblings anyhow. I even fell asleep with her on my chest last night on the couch.

She is happy, not suffering. She can get around just fine but just not using her legs. AND she does play "tag" with her siblings even though she is the slowest of the bunch and she does hunt whatever flying bug comes around so why waste a life just cuz it's different?

Daddy says she is going to be one SPOILED ROTTEN CHICK! and she already is!
like a baby walker? Is that what you mean?

Her feet stay against her chest or bottom, they do not expand out at all and if you try to stretch them out, she goes crazy, doesn't like it at all.
I had a chick that was like that for a few days. I separated her out from the others, as she was getting run over, and gave her special treatment. She got poly-vi-sol drops twice a day (one drop) and I put the food and water in small cups so she could reach them. She got better, and now is a HUGE speckled sussex, though not the best layer. She doesn't get pushed around much anymore either. Good luck with your special chick, and give her lots of attention!
you know, vitamins and extra nutrients might be helpful, maybe a little seat like so she can sit up some? i hold mopsy up periodically, so she can stretch some. course, in your little ones case, maybe hold her so her legs can move a little as she wants, rather than forcing them? would love to see pics of her
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