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Winners announced here!

Autumn Poultry Photo Contest

Halloween Hatch-a-Long 2018

Images by autumnhearth

Is photography your thing? Do you have some beautiful autumn scenery to show off? Start flipping through those picture albums and show us some of your best pictures of poultry that have a sense of fall about them! Photos with leaves, pumpkins, corn stalks, mums, or fall landscapes are all acceptable. Note, no humans in images, please. Maximum of four entries per person.

See rules below for complete details

Image by Cre8tivechik

Contest Ends October 31st, 2018 Midnight EST
For List of Winners, check back to this page after November 12th, 2018

Contest Rules:
Open to all BYC members in the continental US. If a minor wins, the prize will be awarded to the parent/legal guardian of the winner (and not the minor). The parent or legal guardian will need to have their own BYC account setup and message with their name and address.
Must be your picture taken from last Fall or this year.
Photo/s cannot have been entered in other contests or have humans in them.
Maximum of 4 entries per person.
No fake editing or captions. We want to see the world through your eyes, not through the excessive use of editing tools. However, basic cropping and poop removal is allowed.
To submit your entries, simply post your images in this thread.
Contest ends October 31st, 2018 midnight EST.
For list of winners, check back to this page after November 12th, 2018.

Winners will be chosen by a panel of judges, their decisions will be final.
Your hosts reserve the right to disqualify posts not following the rules.
All BYC Rules Apply. Terms of Service (Rules)
Void where prohibited.


Prizes are as followed: FIRST PLACE:
A Beautiful hand turned pen made from oak by @Pensmaster

KikiLeigh02_no2 copy.gif
This really handy "BEER CAN" / "COKE CAN"
Chicken Cooking rack. (We personally have one & they are awesome)
Donated by @KikiLeigh02

Third Place:
A dozen+ hatching eggs of winner's choice, based on availability, from the following breeds: Serama, Bantam Cochin, Old English Game Bantam, Black Copper Marans and Cream Legbars
chick egg.gif chick egg.gif chick egg.gif chick egg.gif chick egg.gif chick egg.gif
Donated by:



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WHAT!??!?! I hate the "has to be taken in previous years" rule!:barnie:smack

I think that "in the past year" doesn't mean you can't take it this year, just that the picture can't be more than a year old :) I could be wrong though, so clarification would be good.

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