Hallowe'en Party for Adults -- Ideas?

The Chicken Lady

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Apr 21, 2008
West Michigan
We're having a group of adult friends over for a Hallowe'en party at our place.

I want the party to have a fun Hallowe'en theme; I thought I'd tweak your brains for some ideas of things to do for the party that were more classy and less juvenile. What would you suggest for...

- food?
- decorations?
- drink names/recipes?
- anything else?


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Feb 2, 2008
Superior, WI
Make jello shots! Use orange and lime jello and pour them into halloween molds or make them on a sheet pan and use spooky cookie cutters to make fun shapes.

eta oops, missed the classy part
Oh well...
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Linda in San Diego

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May 11, 2008
San Diego
Well, I don't know, most of my friends would love to revisit "juvenile" stuff!

Punch that has smoke pouring out - of course, an adult punch - with dry ice.

Mummy hot dogs - just looked up that recipe today.

Tapioca pudding - large of coures like eyeballs.

Don't let sophistication and adulthood get in the way of a really fun time!

Ginger Chic

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Sep 30, 2008
Northeast Georgia
First thought is to plan a regular party. Have normal food with normal drinks. The difference... folks will be in costume. They'll know they are at a halloween party.

Second... when you invite your guests ask them to bring something for the needy. For the last couple of years my son has been required to take canned goods to the neighborhood party to be given to the local food panty. We're thinking about a coat drive for the adult party this year.


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May 15, 2008
Planet Earth
Our theme this year is "Air guitar". It's pot luck. We'll have lights, a disco ball, and a karaoke machine. Twister will be somewhere in the house. My husband is going to be Debbie Gibson. I was thinking of air guitaring Joan Jet.

Chicken Boo

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Jul 16, 2008
Glenn Dale, MD
This year the theme to our Halloween Party will be zombies. It is the 25th anniversary of the release of Michael Jackson's THRILLER video. We are planning to do the dance in the driveway. We are giving prizes for the Best, Sexiest, Funniest, Most Gruesome, and Group zombie costumes as well as having a maniacal laugh and blood-curdling scream contests.

As for food, on the menu will include brain cookies, devil's food cupcakes, deviled eggs, and "evil" cherry pie.

My DH has rigged a sinking smog machine that we are putting on the roof over the back door onto the deck (if the wind is calm).

BTW, anyone in the DC Metro area is welcome to come. Just drop me a line and I will send you a proper invite.

The Chicken Lady

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Apr 21, 2008
West Michigan
Whoa, "deviled" eggs! Now that's a good Hallowe'en idea!

I like the idea of Jell-O shots, too. A classy party still requires some booze.
This site has some good recipes: http://www.myscienceproject.org/j-shot-3.html

have a fog machine and a strobe light for the porch and yard, and I got black light bulbs to put in the living room lamps.

I still need to think of some additional interesting appetizers...


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Aug 29, 2008
North Texas
Have a costume contest, with juvenile prizes, and have several different categories. Or let everyone do someone else's makeup to go with their costume. Have a "paper bag" party -- everyone comes in street clothes and is handed a paper bag with thrift shop items in it. They make their costume out of what they find in the bag, and can swap with someone else for even more fun.


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Jun 14, 2008
N. IL.
crock pots.....

lil wienie's....call 'em fingers

meatballs....call 'em eyeballs


bacon wrapped chestnuts....adam's apple

lunch meat beef rolls in cream cheese...Grandpa Chester

bob for apples...toothpick gummy worms on them for a nice suprise

veggie tray with dip....leave a notecard attached to a tower of toillet paper that says..."Courtesy of California farmers...the SUNSHINE state."

to drink...offer mudslides...

orange cream and call it fluffy...meow.

i like coffee drinks....coffee, peppermint schnapps, dallop of vanilla ice cream and call it...Santa

or use butter rum and call it...Mrs. Clause

go to martha stewart.com and look at some of the ideas she has. she just made a goodie coffin out of black card stock....lid comes off and it is full of candy.

have tubs of water balloons that are uncovered later and tell them the residents of "your local nursing home," honor everyone with a special Trick....a have donated for this special event, a weeks worth of colostomy bags...then throw the pitch...maybe some squirt guns can be scattered about too...and like I said, brought out or uncovered toward the end.---ok, so you can have them perched around outside with pillow cases over 5 gallon buckets full of the balloons...with marker ghost faces on them...that way they just think they are part of the decorations...but it's really for the water balloon fight.

i'll keep thinking for more...maybe i'm way out of line...or maybe you like that? ooooor maybe you don't.

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