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    Two out, 5 more with pips, several others rocking (may have pips on bottom I can't see) - one of the ones out had a little bit of cord and yolk still attached so it's in a little cup with a damp towel until further notice... Hopefully it makes it! The other one is complaining loudly that it's alone, hopefully it's cheerleading will inspire some other friends to make their debut.
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    Feb 16, 2016
    So exciting! I recognize the inside of that incubator lol.
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    I came across another thread that is very informative about the assisting process. It is for geese but applies to all eggs. I really liked this statement:

    "We do not follow the school of thought that chicks that are unable to hatch are best left due to a weakness in the chick or their bloodline. This sweeping and erroneous statement does not account for healthy chicks previously hatched from the same parents. Hatching delays are often the result of slightly imperfect incubation techniques and this should be taken into account. Yes, sometimes chicks are weak and there is often mortality under the parents, nature does select for the strongest. However if we are to employ artificial incubation techniques then we must accept that as owners we are capable of making errors and at least give these chicks the opportunity of life before assessing their worth later."


    Amy, hope you don't mind I'm adding the link! :)
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    I love it and says so perfectly what most of us have stated. On my hatching info site I referred to us hands on as being ones that undertand that artificial incubation is not nature and many problems are human induced. And since I am mentioning it, I'm going to go ahead and add a link myself, [​IMG] Most hatching info sites and pages are written from a hands off perspective and I thought it was time for us hands on people to share from our perspective (or if I want to be a narcissist, my perspective...lol) and just have info out there that doesn't basically say set them and leave them alone. It does share opposite perspectives, but the tone is from and for hands on hatchers. http://hatching411.weebly.com/
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    My best broody momma duck, Peep, is hands on. I've witnessed her tap hatching eggs and pick shell bits off a pip/zip. And she's got this incubation/hatching thing down. It's like she knows what she's doing!!
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    The first post on that thread is awesome. I've referred several people to read it over the last few months because it was so well written - has a bit of everything without being too overwhelming or confusing.
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    Six out so far, and one assist. The chick started to zip then went into a complete stall. I could see through the shell opening there was some crusty yellowish gunk on the beak, not clean like the other chicks. After a few hours I pulled it out and started to peel some shell. It was totally stuck like the one Kathy just posted up. I think the yolk sack must have ruptured or something - even after it hatched out it was covered in this really hard material, and it still had a small umbilicus. I left it to dry some, but it just got a hard crusty build up on its feathers instead of fluffing. I pulled it out again and gave it a bath & blowdry - now it's chilling with its peeps under the heat lamp. No way this one could have gotten out on its own! Will see how it manages after all the extra stress.
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    That's awesome!! I've always thought if animal mama's had thumbs, they'd be helping the ones they could too!!

    Yes, I've had this too. I think when the albumen mixes with to much air, it turns to a golden sap like glue. My friend refers to those chicks as "glass" chicks because the are shiney and hard as glass. They won't fluff right away without a bath. Also that stuff can seal up the vent and nostrils. So it's important to make sure those spots are clear. You did the right thing!
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    Yes Ruby she pipped right under the fan - I'm wondering if that had something to do with it.

    Morning dav 21, 10 hatched - all 6 ameraucana out and doing well, 3 light Sussex and one Marans. Pips visible in all but 2 remaining eggs

    Had one more assist, the pip was in the center of the fat end of the egg, so I already thought, hmmm, may need extra help. It zipped all the way around, and tried to shove out but the hole was too small since it was so far towards the end of the egg.

    It was wedged in shoulder first and drying to the membrane when I woke up, no progression for a few hours, so I helped it the rest of the way along. It was wedged pretty good and quite relieved to get out!


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