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Ruffus and Big Boy
Jun 11, 2020
I found this kids toy Lacrosse stick to have a unique use over playing Lacrosse. I use it as my flock herder stick and duck egg Pick-R-Upper Tool. It's 34" long and has an angled lip on it with a soft netting and will reach down or into a hard to reach spot to retrieve duck eggs and the occasional chicken egg for when those Turkeys decide to lay their eggs in a new place other then their nesting boxes. Like way in the back on top of the wheat straw bales that I have stacked in their coop for bedding. :gig

IMO, The best part of this handy little tool is, it takes the pain out of having to bend down to pick up eggs. :woot:woot:celebrate:yesss:


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That's awesome! I created my own little chicken gathering tools. My kids take a dead sprint out each day to go look for eggs. Boom, no bending over picking them up for me :p
That's awesome! :) Just wait till I finish up my little retro project using our Kitchenaid Mixer!:gigI will post them pics when I am done, it sure will make my life a little easier. :yesss:

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