Hanging waterer issue

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    May 31, 2017
    Hi, I've seen a thread in this site earlier, but cannot locate it now (after trying several searches). I am hoping someone can either confirm my thoughts or offer a new suggestion. I have a galvanised waterer which holds about 5 litres of water. The water is filled from the bottom of the waterer and then a rubber type plug is pushed in and then I hang the waterer up on a hook (this is done to ensure the waterer is level - I don't put the waterer on the ground). Every time I fill the waterer to capacity, the water keeps overpouring from the well around the bottom of the waterer until the level of the water inside is only about 1/3 full, at which point the overflowing stops. My thoughts are that there is either a small leak in the top somewhere which is allowing air in, or the plug may not be soft enough to enable a complete seal. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? How do I tell if the rubber type plug is the issue? I'd love to be able to fill the waterer to the full level and just leave it. I hang it up for my budgies to use as they love using this. Thanks
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    I am not familiar with this type waterer. So you are saying you have to turn it upside down, remove plug---fill----replace plug and hang? My thoughts is if the rubber plug is on the bottom and it was bad----it will leak around the plug? If there was a leak in the upper part(which would be down as you are filling) it should leak out of it as you are filling? You got a pic or a link to this type waterer that shows the rubber plug, etc?

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