Happy 1 Week Birthday ladies!! **Pic Heavy**


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Aug 4, 2009
Leicester, NC
My lil' girls turned one week old on Tuesday and in celebration they got a little roost to play on, sand box for practicing their dirt baths (this was a HUGE hit) and a glamour photo shoot (no Aquanet, blue eyeshadow or shoulder pads though



I can't believe how quickly their little wing and tail feathers are coming in!

Little balls of love!!

Ready for my close-up mom!
You have some beautiful little chicks there!!
I love their different coloring! Especially the little creamish one with a few grey or dark markings, and a greyish one w/dark markings (and do they even MAKE Aquanet anymore??? lol)
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Ha! You're dating yourself with aquanet, shoulder pads and blue eyeshadow! (Don't forget the blue eyeliner too) Wonder how I know?
(innocent look)

They are adorable. The one in the 2nd pic in the back is soooo poofy. Looks like a little cotton ball - love it!

ETA: And yes, they still make aquanet.
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So adorable. I love that fluffy cream one in the second to last pic!!!! And my Eloise is exactly the same as your favorite - wants nothing to do with me, its like they know they can get away with acting snooty!
And I knew they grew up fast but this is ridiculous, every time I look at them I swear they're bigger and have more feathers, its insane.
They DO grow so fast! I got my first three ladies (who are now referred to as "The Council" and the new ladies are the "Stray Bullets"
) about 8 months ago when they were 20 wks, so I never had the pleasure of watching them grow as chicks. Actually, this is the first time (aside from perhaps a petting zoo experience as a child) that I've EVER been around chicks, they have so much more personality and character than I ever would of imagined! So much more entertaining than television!

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