Happy Hen Chicken Rescue!

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  1. I have always wanted to open a chicken rescue, or any animal rescue, and now I am! :)
    Happy Hen Chicken Rescue!

    I am having a coop built by a place near my house, they make everything using recycled wood materials http://www.boxkitebarnyard.com/ . They said they would start building it after Christmas! So, after I find the perfect spot to keep the coop it will go there!
    I have 7 roosters, 5 who I really needed somewhere to go, because I don't have enough hens. So, this coop is going to be pretty big. It is going to be 1 large coop broken into sections. I will post pictures when it is done being built. So it will have 5 sections, 1 rooster will go in each section. Then, if people need to re-home there hens we will put them with one of the roosters, while finding them a new home! (I may be able to take 2 - 3 roosters at a time)

    I already have a website! http://zoehappydog.wix.com/happyhenchickenrescu We are going to start taking in chickens after the coop is built, and setup for chickens to live in it! I also hope to sometimes rescue spent hens and either keep or re-home them! [​IMG] I am a bit sad that I won't be able to take roosters at the rescue, I hope to be able to sometime. I just have too many roosters myself so..

    Location: I live on the Central Coast in CA.
    Contact: If you have a hen who needs re-homing or you want a hen please email or PM me. My email address is on my website! :)

    On this thread I will post updates, stories, and pictures! All may post and follow the thread! [​IMG]

    Rehoming: We will refuse to let anyone adopt a chicken and use them for meat. If we think someone is suspicious of being someone who will use hens they adopt from the rescue for meat, I will go to there house before letting them take chickens. What kid of rescue would it be if people used the rescues for meat?

    I will post pictures as soon as the coop has started being put up! Thanks for viewing the thread!
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    What a sweet idea! There are not enough "rescue" homes for most animals, and I have never heard of a place for chickens.

    Good deal and good luck in this venture!
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  3. I am hoping to stop by Boxkite Barnyard tomorrow to see how the coop is coming! They are building all the pieces then bringing them to my house and putting up the coop! :) I can't wait to see how it comes out!
  4. I am working on some signs using cardboard, they will be green and written in brown say: Happy Hen Chicken Rescue :)
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    This is awesome! Hope it works out.
  6. Thanks!
    I made 1 sign I messed up on the other one.. I hope I can make it to boxkite barnyard today [​IMG]
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    Yup! Hope you do!
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    Congrats to you! What a wonderful idea. Keep up the good work!!! [​IMG]
  9. Thanks! :)

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