HAPPY UPDATE RE: Becoming Single...


11 Years
Jan 1, 2009
Hi everyone!

first of all... I don't know why I said it was an ugly house. My new house is not ugly. I guess I was just being gloomy about having split up with my BF of 9 years. It's a hundred years of built up character in a very small and very friendly town! I'm eagerly planning out my garden and am lucky enough to have a great landlord that will let me build chicken runs all over the place. I have a little shed that houses my two Silkie hens (today is Pei Pei's birthday!) and I brought home two bantam Cochins last week and today on Pei Pei's birthday, I brought home a PERFECT black day old Silkie chick. The three babies sleep in the house under a heat lamp, and once the weather gets warmer, I'll build adjoining runs so they can all get to know one another.
My dogs are great with the adult chickens, and actually guard the girls against cats, but I discovered that they will attempt to eat the babies. Thanks to everyone for the kind words of encouragement after the loss of my father and the 9 year relationship fizzling out.
I just read your previous thread to catch up.

I lost my dad a decade ago coming this Aug. Sometimes it seems like it was only yesterday. I hope you have a family who is supportive to you. I'm struggling with issues currently with my siblings and mom... I mean, jeez, some people can hold onto resentments whether they are founded or not and they can hold onto them and they can surface all these years later and my oh my, it's ugly.

At any rate, I'm in the middle of a divorce and it's scary because I think... how can I make it? What job can I do with my health issues? What's going to happen? Where are we going to go if we can't stay here? There are so many uncertainties. You give me hope. You give me hope to realize we will have a future and though things may change there will still be good to look forward to.

Thank you for your testimony.

I hope and pray that God provides for you and your family and that you always have what you need.


Most sincerely,

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