Hard lumps started in nostril bulging bigger quickly

Yoko Nakamura

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Nov 19, 2021
South France
Hello there,

Our 1-year-old Beijing Bantam has two lumps growing in her nostril.
I read some other threads here and try to clean them with Q-tips with Peroxyside, but they are very hard and the moist tips just rubbed a little bit of dirt off the tumors and it didn't feel it will solve the problem eventually. I cannot see where is her nostril holes are anymore.

Despite the horrible looks, the bird has a normal appetite and active as it has been. Eating, running, cleaning herself etc. Maybe scratching her face more often than it should be, but not excessively. Not breathing heavily, no discharge, no bad odour... I could not force open her mouth well, but I did not see yellow growth etc..

Just the thing is particularly the left lump is growing quite rapidly recently.

Could someone help?


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What is your location? Are there mosquitoes out now? Have you seen any other scabs on the other chickens or on unfeathered areas? How old is the chicken? Fowl pox sometimes looks similar on very young chickens, but the possibility of can er is also there. Do you have a vet that could see you chicken?


Nov 13, 2018
New Zealand
Vet... It's the only way to know for sure and the sinuses on birds are a very tricky area to have issues - lots if nerves around there. They'll likely take a biopsy to determine what you're dealing with and let you know your treatment options.

When you say quickly, what timeframe do you mean? How long ago did this initially appear and has it only started rapidly worsening recently? Months, weeks, days?

When birds get an internal infection, it eventually hardens - like the kernel in a bumblefoot, so this could also be what's going on. - as said, that area is very sensitive, so a vet may shy away from the idea of removing it surgically.

I've seen a progressed sinus infection in a pigeon be surgically removed at our local rescue center by one of our avian vets, but it was subsequently put down by our other staff vet the next day - unsure if this was due to post op issues or that vet's bias against non-native species. It looked surprisingly good immediately post op, but may have deteriorated overnight.

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