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Jul 7, 2008
Central Florida
Hey , need some input from you guys and gals. My 10 yr old and I are rebuilding a coop we have here. Kinda just have a frame that I use to keep hay in, it would hold about 15 bales, so it is decent sized. I am looking to enclose it with hardware cloth but got a little sticker shock. Does anybody know where to get like 100 ft or so without taking a second mortgage out? I did find an online site that has 24" by 100 ft shipped for about 90 dollars. Anybody have any other ideas?

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Sweet price. I'll check their on line shop. . TSC costs like 25 dollars for a 36" by 20 ft peice.

I checked around at several threads and realize I need to bite the bullet and just pay the man so my girls are safe. Thank you thank you,
One option to save on cost is to get the welded wire used for fencing (I think the holes are 2" x 4" ) to cover the area, then use hardware cloth along the bottom 2' or so....It would be a bit cheaper, but still be a whole lot stronger then chicken wire!
No Menards out here. I used to love that store when I lived in Wausau WI. I paid $42 for mine at Lowes. It was a few dollars cheaper at Lowes. I need at least 2 more rolls to finish the security upgrade.
I'll be at Menards tomorrow. Can't turn down a deal like THAT. I just might buy them out.

I was there bright and early this morning. None of the wire was on sale. 4'x50' 1/2" hardware cloth was 47.99.
Home Depot 6/9/09 in Portland, Oregon 4' x 25' half inch for $52.88 vs. Wilco Farm Store at nearly $9 a foot.
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