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old okies

11 Years
Sep 17, 2008
We are new members who are trying to complete house and run. Our property (40 acres), has coyote, coon, bobcat and cougar, you get the picture! We have the frames built for the run and bought hardware cloth. Our question is; what is the spacing for nailing in the steeples? We want to insure the predators can't get in between gaps! We will also bury wire. Help would be appreciated!
Nail in the staples every couple of inches and then use wood trim pieces and screw them on top of the wood, staples and hardware cloth. I hope that make sense. You have the frame, then hardward cloth stapled to it, then on top of both those of those use something like 1"x4" or 1"x2" trim pieces on top of that to secure it even more. You are correct to bury wire and anything else to deter the predators. I would use more than one layer of wire as well. Good Luck and Welcome to BYC!!
We covered ours with trim board as well.....the dang coons can get through almost anything! Good luck and welcome to BYC.....I am new too!
The other thing you can do is add wood screws with a washer every so often, to add more security. Either that or the wood trim screwed in is good. Wood screws can't be pulled out, like nails and staples can.

It sounds like you're going to have a really nice run!
My husband just stapled the hardware cloth to the inside of the frame every few inches, and used triangular gussets in the corners (you can see it inside the frame in the photo below)


We didn't bother to add another piece of trim on the inside, and its been competlely sturdy and safe.

We live in the suburbs though, and while do have racoons, the only bobcats and courgars we see are HS football teams.

I find that wood screws with 1 inch diameter washers spaced about a foot apart works great with staples filling in the gaps.
I assume we're talking fence staples. That's what I use. I put as many as the wood will hold. I find that Home Depot's pitiful excuse for lumber splits far too easily. If the wood has too many splits in it, all the staples and screws in the world won't hold it together.
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Thanks for all the advice, this site is great! My husband now thinks he might use some metal strips over wood strips to screw in. Will let you know.
Sounds like old okies has it worse then many of us, as far as predators go! :eek:

Sounds like a good guard dog might be another defense you could use.

My biggest fear is black bears coming around. I'm sure they could do a lot of damage, even with the secure measures I have taken.

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