Has anybody ever cracked a chick into the pan?


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May 29, 2007
Chicken Country, U S A
Just like the post says, has anybody ever unknowingly collected a partially incubated egg, at later stages of developement, and got a surprise for breakfast?

It sounds so gross, but it has to have happened . . .
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Never that far along, but I have cracked a veining one into the pan. I guess I had missed that egg for a few days somehow when I'd gone out to collect.

One thing I did do that left me wracked with guilt for days is I mixed up a bad egg with a good one when I was candling them. I put the bad egg back in the incubator accidentally, and was taking what I thought was the bad egg out to be disposed of when I dropped it. A fully formed chick rolled out. Luckily the dog was there to eat it before I had time to look at it in horror for too long, but I still feel like crap about it. Thank goodness I've never cracked one into a skillet . . . I know I'd feel a thousand times worse about that.
I make it a general rule to not let anything that licks its own butt lick my face.

I was a teenager when it happened, and I was a lot more squeamish about putting my animals out of their misery back then, though I'd do it if I had to . . . so it was a blessing the dog was there to take that responsibility out of my hands. Sorry if it was too much information.

. . . This thread just makes me think of Balut.

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Thanks, Chickenwhisperer, I feel famous now.
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was at my cousins house once and they cracked one in the sink..... it was grose as the chick dies and their was blood everywhere i was just glad i didnt have to clea it up... also when i was little i went to a friends farm where there were literally hundreds of chickens and even tho i feel bad now and after it happened not to mention wasting good eggs it was an accident, well we were throwing eggs on the ground coz they had way to many and one was like 5 days off hatching it was fully formed but without the fluff
it was so bad... we tried to keep it warm and it cheaped at me
however her mum got the dog who ate it whole and that made it only worse!!!
i still feel aweful.......

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