Has anyone actually had a hawk get a chicken?


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I am so scared that a hawk will get one of my chickens are even my little dog. I hear people warning... but has anyone actually had it happen? I am trying to figure out odds here... LOL
On of my younger standard EE's was taken. It was by a juvenile Red Tail hawk.

That was the only time this has happened. I believe it was starving.... the hawk and my EE was easy to get.
Hawks used to occasionally get our birds before we started keeping them in a run. One actually got a bantam rooster with my mom not 10 feet away. I let my chickens out for a few hours most days because they love it so much, but I know there always a chance of losing one.
A hawk swooped down and picked up my silkie right in front of me and I chased it about 10 feet (it looked like those hawks swooping fish from a lake) and it dropped her not a scratch on her she is now terrified of any flying bird even sparrows and other chickens when they fly. My friend had a hawk get her full grown cat too.
A hawk got 2 hens that belonged to a friend of my husband's.

Another friend's mom had a small chihuahua who was taken off by a hawk right in front of her when she was taking the chi out to potty. I have a 3 lb. Chi myself, so I am always wary of this when we take him out.
I always thought a hawk would not kill something it could not swoop down & carry off. Boy was I wrong. A hawk landed in the pen and killed two of my full grown chickens and stood around leisurely eating until I saw it and chased it off. Hard lesson.
Oh my goodness, YES!! My chickens free-range and I live in the country in a hollow surrounded by woods and then hundreds of acres of farmland. I had a hawk come down and grab one of my roos but could not hold on to him and Stripes was all boogered up on his head and face but survived. In the past three years I have lost at least a dozen to Barred Owls, Redtail Hawks or Cooper's Hawks - which have short stubby wings that help them maneuver between trees to ambush prey. I had a coyote take two of my silkies this Spring and two years ago before I got the nightguards I had raccoons that grabbed five of my chickens in three straight nights by the heads through the chicken tractor, but none since. Flying pretators are my biggest threat.

I have weighed letting my little ones confined but they are so happy to be out and miserable when they are in, that I find it worth the risk to let them run and I enjoy, holding, feeding them by hand daily and appreciate them while I have them and if they disappear - well that is nature and I thank God for the time and fun I had with them. My best bud and best leader of the flock - Ugly (Bantam RIR) - got taken over a year ago, I know doing what he has always done so well, protecting his hens and it hit me hard but I know it was over in an instant since most of the time when hawks grabs it breaks their neck.

Every single one of my chickens, I have incubated and brooded in my livingroom under the watchful eyes or my five indoor cats and I would not change a thing.


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