Has anyone built coops from "Building Chicken Coops for Dummies"?

I bought the book and have yet to use it--out of laziness and lack of funds for materials:) DH just built me a bunch of indoor pens and runs-so next Spring I plan on cracking the book open and pick one to make ALL BY MYSELF
I too would see if your local library had it before purchasing it, but if you feel the need to buy the book, check out Amazon.com where they can be purchased for less than $20 and there are some good reviews too.
Thanks everyone. I have pretty much borrowed every chick book from our library over the past year - most of them have hand sketches of coops with basic dimensions. Maybe it's just me but it seems strange that it is so hard to find quality detailed plans out there (aside from those flashy web-ads that take 5 minutes to scroll down and are filled with...but wait, there's more!.. nonsense. I'm off to Barnes and Noble this morning to check out dummies book. Cheers!

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