Has anyone ever had a hen to lay twice in one day?


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I have heard that some people have had hens that on occasion lay twice in a day. I have had chickens for forty years and I have never experienced a hen laying two eggs in one day! Yesterday, I found two eggs in the nest!
I only have a rooster and hen together in this pen so I know for certain she laid twice. One egg was the normal large blue egg and the other egg was just slightly smaller. Although I was skeptical, I guess it does happen after all.
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A couple of mine used to. I would collect more eggs than chickens on some days. They are older now and I am lucky when everyone lays one.
I've noticed that I have a young hen I have found twice to have laid at the same time one egg that has only a membrane and one that's just a yolk with no shell or anything.
I've had it happen. Although (not to worry you, just 'full disclosure') I think it was from a hen who a couple months later expired from eggbound/internal laying issues.

I have a hen that has done that...she is the only one that can fly up over the run and would lay in the ivy by the henhouse...I always gather her eggs first in the summer...and yup tiwce in one day...
I have never had a chicken lay twice a day. Chickens in chicken houses lay twice a day because their is a light that stays on all day and night.
I have six chickens and day before yesterday gathered six eggs. Yesterday I gathered nine eggs. It looks like my Easter Egg-ers are once a day (green and blue eggs). My Buffs and Barred Rock (at least three of the four are laying 2x a day!) I can tell the difference in the egg color as the Buffs are same age as the Easter Egg-ers and they all started laying eggs the same week. But, it seems that both Buffs and one Barred Rock are laying 2x a day.

Is this ok? Or do I need to adjust their food? Just worried that somehow I am over-assisting them. They get lay crumbles with grit and oyster shell mixed in and then vegetable and melon scraps. They love it when they see me coming with treats!

They live in a large aviary with attached coop and they have no lights on at night. Guinea hens live with them for now until they are old enough to roam.

Thanks for your input!
Just commenting on this older thread. I have a leghorn that's laying 2 eggs a day on some days. We only have one white egg layer and get eggs everyday or every 2 days. We always end up getting more white eggs then days!!

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