Has anyone ever vaccinated in the "wing web"? (refresh)

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  1. Short version, I'm refreshing to bring this to the top of the list:
    Where is the "wing web"
    How far through do you poke the vaccinator?

    I have 16 2month old pullets and since all 18 of my hens got avian pox over the past 9 months, I want to vaccinate the youngins'.

    The vaccine comes with a thing that looks like a corn-holder, with two needles. The instructions say to poke the wing-web. There are no pictures, and I don't know if I'm supposed to poke it all the way through the web (and I don't even know where the web is!) or just sort of make sure the skin gets scratched.

    They are just finally getting used to me; do you think the vaccination process is going to un-do all the hard work I've put into taming them?

    Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated!
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    I believe when I did it, it was right at the bend/ arc of the top of the wing... a few lenghts in and down on the inside. Make sure no vessels are in the way.
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    I'm wondering where the wing web is too? Resurrecting this thread hoping to find out more...
  5. does anyone have a photo or drawing of where the wing-web is?
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    Oct 29, 2013
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