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Sep 11, 2007
Hi just thought I would share this experiance:

One time my aunts goose somehow got crippled in one leg.My aunt didn't think it was going to live, so I asked her if I could try to nurse it back to health, she said yes.It was a very nice goose.So I took it home and put it on a shelf in my coop.It took me and my cousin like an hour to locate a very very very very very tiny scratch on it's hurt leg.Every day I would go and spray Dermoplast on it until one day the scratch healed and he could walk!!Since I saved him my aunt gave it to me.But ever since he learned to walk again he hated me!!He would chase me bite me and everything.I don't know why?Before he got hurt he would follow me like I was his mom.After I saved him he absolutly hated me.anyone ever had something simuler happen?

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Aug 31, 2007

well i cant help you but when i was like ten i used to go to the river park and feed the geese and ducks. When they were eating from my hands i would grab them and take them home. My grandma never new. Big backyard so i put them in my tree house with bread and water. And this one goose hated me. I went up there one day to take it back to the park and when i opend the door the goose attacked me. I fell out of the tree house an broke my ankle. on top of that my grandma found out about the birds and i got grounded for a month after my ankle healed.
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Oct 29, 2007
never had that happen, but before the goose was healed, it knew it needed you for survival. once healed, it didn't need ya so buh-bye. Most geese I've encountered (canadian, chinese, african) are just butt-heads no matter what their condition was. Also, once this little bugger could walk around it could establish the area as "his" and if you let him chase you around, it was "his" area and no longer yours.

Geese can live up to 30 years so uh, get it sorted out of who's boss or get rid of the goose.

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